The Charity Project

Our goal is to provide better access to dental care in rural areas of Egypt.

Many of the people in these areas have poor access to a dentist and can go for several years with potential life-threatening dental infections and oral cancers. In our more established societies, we might not feel this as a big issue as it is easy to find a dentist.

As well as sending out teams in our mobile clinics to carry out basic dental treatments, education is the key to prevent future disease. We, together, can change the habits and priorities of thousands of lives. One of these vans costs £50,000 to buy and convert.

We plan to send out teams of dental student volunteers along with qualified dentists, to help gain invaluable experience of dentistry in more extreme scenarios and to help running to oral hygiene program to educate these communities on its importance.


Help us reach our goal

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Check out the video below to see what the mobile clinics will look like:


Read more about why  there is a need for this mission in the blog post below