• Mariam Ghobrial

2020: Our Year Reviewed

2020.. What a year it’s been!

I think you will all agree with me when I say that 2020 has been a rollercoaster for all of us!

We’ve seen the world being shaken up by the coronavirus but there have also been so many

goals achieved. Now that we're starting the new year, here is a rundown of the first year at CDS.

March saw the first lockdown begin in the UK. We all resorted to making banana bread and

stockpiling toilet paper, however, Andrew and John were onto bigger things! Andrew came

up with the idea of forming ‘Coptic Dental Society’ to connect dentists and dental students

living and studying in the UK and proposed it to John…

April was when we thought the lockdown would end, and of course, it didn’t. Coptic Dental

Society was made. A WhatsApp group chat was created which connected mainly dental

students and younger dentists. This was a really good platform to obtain advice regarding

entry to dentistry, dental school exams, and discussion of cases. A community was slowly


Unfortunately, we could only meet everyone virtually this year!

June is when we first made an Instagram page where pictures and bios of Coptic dentists

and dental students were posted. This created a community between Coptic dentists but we

were keen to branch this out to involve many more people. A core team was created, slowly grew, and the main aims of the society were established. The two main aims included

delivering education and our charity mission.

The Education side included delivering webinars free for anyone to join. Our charity mission

was inspired by Dr. Rafik Hebeish, a dentist living in London who has been serving in Egypt

for the past 20 years. He proposed the idea of a charity project aimed to deliver dental aid

to all those who may need it in upper Egypt. That was when our charity project, now called

‘Mobile Smiles’ began!

July was busy organising our inaugural webinar which took place in August. We were

blessed to be joined by HG Bishop Angaelos and Fr Daoud Lamei. Mr. Ashraf Messiha gave us a very informative webinar on Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. Our society was slowly coming together and expanding and we were very excited for the things to come!

We had people from all over the world join our webinars!

We created a GoFundMe page where we collected (and still are collecting) money which all

goes towards our current charity project (Mobile Smiles). We set ourselves a goal of £50,000

which would cover buying a van and renovating it to include fully equipped dental surgeries

and possibly a medical surgery. Once the money is collected, dentists from all over the

world will be able to use it to deliver dental care. For more information on this project

please visit our blog post ‘Helping those with dental disease in Egypt, so what?

September saw our second webinar which was kindly given by specialist endodontist Dr

Tadros M. Tadros, which informed us about the diagnosis and treatment of cracked teeth. October was when Dr. Wail Girgis spoke to us about the longevity of implants. This included

the contributing factors to implant failure, rescue, and remedies. These were brilliant

webinars and we thank Dr. Tadros and Dr. Girgis for giving us their time.

December saw a slight rebrand with our logo competition. We received really great entries

that had been created with a lot of effort and thought. We awarded a winner (who’s logo

is now the new logo of CDS) and two runner ups who were all given Amazon Gift vouchers.

As for 2021, we aim to go to put ‘Mobile Smiles’ into action this summer, God willing. We

really hope that when it is safe to do so, we can plan a charity ball to be able to gather

together non virtually, so keep us in your prayers!I would like to thank everyone who has been on this journey with us and I really look forward to what is to come!

Happy New Year!!

- Mariam

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