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Andy was the one who first came up with the idea to create CDS for us to connect with dentists and dental students in the UK.


Andy is currently doing his Dental Foundation Training year in Manchester, UK, after graduating from the University of Birmingham in 2020.

John Mikhail

Not quite sure how to write myself a bio as I'm the one currently updating this page, but what I can say is when Andy first approached me I was really excited and I am proud to have been a part of this from the start.


I am currently in my final year at King's College London (the best, of course).

John Mikhail.JPG

"Uniting Copts in Dentistry Worldwide" - John Mikhail

Mariam Ghobrial

Mariam was an essential addition to the team early on with the charity project. She is probably the hardest working of all the members and we certainly would not have got this far without her efforts!

Mariam is also currently undertaking her Dental Foundation Training after graduating from the University of Dundee.

Mariam Ghobrial.jpeg
Rafik Hebeish

Rafik is the backbone of the Mobile Smiles charity project. He has carried out charity work in Egypt over the past 20 years independently and it was his idea to make this an established programme.

He somehow manages to do all of the liaising with the team in Egypt despite being a private dentist and an owner of two practices in London. He also has three kids to take up what's left of his time!!

Rafik Hebeish.jpg
Andrew Naguib

Andrew is our first North American representative. He was very keen to join the team after our first welcome meeting and is always eager to help out in any way, despite still being a pre-dental student at Boston College. He will certainly have lots of positivity to bring our mission for years to come.

Christine Wanis

Christine is another of one our members to have been there from before our first ever meeting. She is currently completing her last year as a specialty registrar in oral surgery.


She has carried her passion for surgery and teaching into the team from day 1 and is a valuable asset to CDS.   

Christine Wanis.jpeg
Raising money for dental charity work in Upper Egypt
Martina Rofaeil

Martina was the other first North American rep that we had with Andrew. Growing up in Egypt meant that Martina has seen the poverty and the need for dental care first hand, and this has driven her to achieve these goals, God willing, in the near future with CDS.

She is currently a D2 at Penn Dental Medicine in Philidelphie, PA

Martina Rofaeil.JPG
Mariam Awad

Our latest member of the team, is by no means less motivated to help in our mission.


Mariam, is the current president of Lipscomb University in Nashville, TN.  Not bad for the latest recruit to join the team, right?

Mariam Awad.JPG
Robbie Fakhoury

Robbie is a third year dental student at King's College London, but that has never held him back from being involved. This year's junior ball secretary and KCL Arabic Society co-president, Robbie has always been keenly involved in charitable projects. We will definitely be using his expertise when we can throw a charity ball in the future>

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